Wednesday, August 31, 2016

turning two

I blinked and suddenly he's two years old. It's a funny age because we're constantly waiting for the defiance and tantrums but somehow, so far, it's been pretty good! Maybe we got lucky!

It's the age when he's learned to question things, and he insists on your attention and doesn't let up until he gets it. It definitely make you miss the newborn days when they're not communicative, that's for sure! :) He surprises us everyday like how very observant he is with the tiniest detail - like the tv playing in the Channel Ten offices through the window shaded by the trees up on the hill. I walk the same pathway everyday and I have never even noticed the window!

He's also the most sensitive little guy, always checking to see if we are happy and hates it when we're sad or angry but he's quite assertive in letting his feelings be known when he's not happy! Go figure!

It was a quiet affair his 2nd birthday and I'm savoring all of it before he connects parties and presents with birthdays and at the very same time, I can't wait for that time to come! I wanna get him a cake with a theme for whatever he's into when the time comes and surprise him with presents and balloons when he wakes up in the morning and I'll probably stress about how to keep all the kids at his birthday party happy and occupied!

We've loved having you in our life the last two years, our darling Sebastian. You've grown up into this cool little dude and we can't believe we're so lucky to be your parents!