Tuesday, February 14, 2017

summer days

The summer days has been so hot lately! We try to go out as early as we can before the mercury rises and heading to the bush is one of our favourite activities lately.

Our go-to spot is definitely the Australian Botanic Gardens as we tend to have the track all to ourselves. It's great! Sebastian heads straight out onto the tracks now as soon as we get there while we get ourselves ready and chase after him, telling him to slow down! He loves pausing at the creek, throwing as many fallen leaves and sticks into the creek - I'm not sure what he's trying to work out but it gives us a bit of time to rest before we continue on our trek. 

He stomped on an ant's nest once and well, that was a mistake because they all rushed to attack his poor little feet! We thought he learnt a lesson from that experience but he still try to get close whenever we're near one. As long as he's not stomping on them, I guess!