Tuesday, May 30, 2017

meet miss aurelia

It's been a month and we are slowly adjusting to life with a new little addition to our family! Sebastian has been the sweetest little boy with her and she is the most precious thing we've ever met.  I've forgotten how tiny and fragile a newborn can be! And needy! And poopy! Wahhhh!! But those newborn snuggles definitely make up for it all!

We had a massive scare at the hospital when she was born and ended up in the NICU again for a few days. It was difficult as we went through something similar with Sebastian but I knew that she was bring cared for and I would be stuck in the hospital until she was all cleared to go home so I just focused on taking care of myself and making sure my milk was coming in for when I need to feed her.

As you can tell, we're definitely more relaxed the second time around but trying to juggle both kids is definitely a balancing act and without Ryan tending to my every need and patient little Sebastian, I would have definitely drown in a sleep deprived state during this time!

Dare I say, our family is now complete and I can't wait to go back into my newborn haze! Cheerio!